Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Christmas Grandma Ran Away From Home

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The Christmas Grandma Ran Away from Home 


Nancy Warren

Blurb: For every woman who's ever felt overwhelmed and under-appreciated at Christmas comes the story of a decent woman, a widowed grandmother, respected matriarch of a big, noisy family who snaps one holiday season and decides to run away for the holidays. Little does she realize what adventures are in store.

Long time widow Sandy Forbes is breaking out this Christmas. In her 71 years on earth she has stuffed and cooked 55 Christmas turkeys, baked hundreds of pies, turned out thousands of shortbread cookies and hoisted enough pine trees in her living room to reforest the Amazon.

Her family love her. They come to her for every occasion, eating, drinking, squabbling and then leaving her with a mass of dishes and crumpled holiday wrap. But this is the year everything changes. When she wants someone else to take over for one year, the family lays a big guilt trip on her and Grandma rebels. Sandy’s giving herself a gift this Christmas. She’s running away from home for the holidays.

My Review: I honestly bought this novella because the cover made me think of Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer...I had no idea what to expect when I started reading a story about a 71 year old lady who runs away from home to escape her family for the holidays. I was completely surprised by the adventure that awaits her, and was absolutely delighted by Sandy and Earl's story. This one is completely unique and touching.

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