Monday, December 23, 2013

A Christmas Gift from Heaven

Years ago I was a huge fan of the Pet Psychic TV show on Animal Planet. I remember thinking what an incredible gift it would be to have the ability to communicate with animals, as well as to be on the receiving end of a reading to find out what our beloved pets are thinking. When I was contacted recently by Psychic Source asking if I would like to have a reading done by a pet psychic, my first question was to ask if psychics are able to communicate with pets that have gone to the Bridge. The answer was yes, and it felt like a dream was coming true. Maybe I would finally be able to know for sure that Tara is alright without me.

When the day came for my phone reading I was extremely nervous, yet excited all day long. I had never done anything like this and didn't know what to expect. As soon as I started talking to Psychic Nancy, she instantly put me at ease and I felt as though I was chatting with an old friend.

Tara: The Empress

Nancy began with Tara, saying that her sister lost a cat that looked just like her in July (also when Tara passed) of a heart issue (just like Tara). Here are the highlights of my reading:

* Nancy sensed that my grief is still raw, and assured me that is perfectly normal. Losing a beloved pet is like losing a child, but we will be reunited one day. She said that I was Tara's angel. She had a vision of me giving Tara strength, that I was right by her side through everything she dealt with, and that I helped her to deal with everything. She got through it with me there. As I think back to all of Tara's vet visits, she was always tremendously calm as long as I was in the exam room with her. It was when she was taken to a back room for a procedure that she panicked. Nancy said that Tara was a little lion; very strong; she was my rock for awhile, and then I was hers.

* Nancy's next words brought tears to my eyes. She said that Tara is sitting on a pedestal in Heaven, stronger than ever. Many other cats follow her, look up to her, she is strong and motherly and comforts them, and that is the role she was needed for. She said Tara has a new lease on life, and that is her lavish reward.

* Nancy sensed that Tara gave me confidence, which is so true. I never in a million years imagined I'd ever be able to handle everything she needed medical-wise, but she taught me that I have a strength I didn't know I had.

* Every night when I go to bed I talk to Tara and tell her about my day. Nancy said that Tara loves this and wants me to continue talking to her. She will always be around me.

Truffles: The Sun

* Nancy said that Truffles has a very mysterious and endearing look. She loves being with me!

* The Tarot card that came out for Truffles is the SUN. She feels like she is the center of attention at my house, and she is enjoying great health being with me. She is shining forth brilliantly, and I am the reason for that.

* Interestingly, Nancy sensed that Truffles and I will have a grey cat in our life in the future. She sees Truffles and the grey kitty together, a beautiful pair, grooming each other! The opportunity will come to me and I won't be able to walk away.

* I've been struggling with the fact that I adopted Truffles so soon after Tara died, and I've wondered if Tara is ok with that. Nancy said that just as Tara's purpose now is to nurture the cats in Heaven, my role is to care for Truffles; we are doing the same thing. Tara is fine with the fact that I chose to deal with my loss by bringing Truffles into my life.

Nancy's final words about me really took me by surprise: "You are a woman of Strength, and at times you need to be reminded of how giving you are. Believe in yourself, and have faith in your path. You will be repaid for your kindness."

If you ever have the chance to have a reading done by a pet psychic, please do it, particularly if you are still in mourning after the loss of a pet. I felt such a sense of peace after my reading was done, and even though Tara isn't physically with me this Christmas, her message to me was the greatest gift I could have gotten this first Christmas without her, a Christmas gift from Heaven.

To learn more about Psychic Source Pet Psychics go HERE. You can arrange either a phone reading or an online chat.

FTC Disclosure: We received a pet psychic reading for review at no charge from Psychic Source.


The Island Cats said...

What an interesting reading. We're glad Nancy was able to give you that insight into Tara and Truffle. And we can't wait to see if there's a gray cat in your future.

wildcatwoods said...

So glad you did this - I use animal communicators often especially when a pet dies to give me some comfort. It is also helpful when it is close to the end for them and you are unsure of when to help them cross over. I have several communicators that I use - local and some not. All do it a bit differently so I call teh one who is best for the situation. Hope this helps you feel better about Tara.

Cats of wildcat woods

Cathy Keisha said...

I’ve seen her readings on other blogs and she’s axed me if she could do my reading but I’m still skeptical.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

what a wonderful reading! I probably shouldn't have had the astrology one and should have had this one to connect with my Angel Bobo. I hope that this wonderful reading brought you some comfort oxoxoxo

Unknown said...

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