Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Answer Your Cat's Questions Day 2014

Do you ever wonder what your cat is thinking? Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is a chance to find out, and to answer some of their big questions. Take some time and attempt to work out what questions your cat is asking, and make a concerted effort to fill in the blanks.

The proper way to participate in National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day is to be aware of your cat on a more conscious level, and notice when your cat is trying to ask you something. Your job is to stop what you're doing and try to figure out what your cat is asking, and do your best to answer the question.

Here are a handful of questions that I think Truffles would ask me:

Am I the cutest kitty in the whole wide world?
Yes Truffles, you absolutely are.

Out of all the homeless kitties out there, why did you pick me?
You know how I talk about your big sister Tara all the time? Well, when she died my heart was absolutely shattered. I knew I wanted another tortie just like her. When you popped up on Petfinder I thought you were absolutely adorable and I knew I had to bring you home. Plus you came from the same neck of the woods that she did so a part of me likes to think you may be related somewhere along the way.

Why did you name me Truffles?
I had every intention of naming my next tortie Mocha, but when I saw how cute and tiny you were, my first thought was, "That's my little Truffles!"

Why did you take the Christmas tree down? It was so pretty!!!
I know honey, it made me sad to take it down too. Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, but if we left the tree up all year we wouldn't have the fun and excitement of looking forward to putting it up next Christmas!

Why can't I lay in my screened-in window during the winter?
It's January in northern would freeze your cute little buns off!

Why have you nicknamed me Truffles the Treat Junkie?
Because they're your favorite thing in the world! All of your treat packages are kept in a basket in the living room and the minute you enter the room you sit right in front of it waiting for me to open a package. If I'd let you, you would live on treats alone!

That reminds me...can you go shopping for some more kitty treats? I think I'm running low...
No sweetheart, you got so many new treats for Christmas that I put them in a bag in the kitchen. You have plenty.

Love me Mommy?
I love you so, so much Truffles. And I always will.


  1. Whoa! Those are some deep questions. Hope you got the answers you were looking for.

  2. I only get one question... When are you going to feed me? what? that was an hour ago, Did you know you need to feed me again?

    okay so they are multiple questions, but they seem like one never ending question!!

  3. LOVE your name and YES you are CUTE :-) Golden MEOW. Happy BP Wordless Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. That is so sweet and I would think that is exactly what she is wondering. I used to make the can opener hum when I needed my three cats to appear. It worked like magic, they were such treat terrors!

  5. I can't understand why you didn't rush off to get more treats. You can't have too many, you know!

  6. What if the magic cupboard makes too many treets, can I share some wif Truffles?
    Purrz, Anna May, Tortie Girl

  7. Truffles seems like the perfect name, for such a sweet kitty. Purrs from Pawesome Cats in Australia.

  8. Those are great questions, Truffle. We've been called Treat Junkies too. :)

  9. This was an adorable post. We absolutely can imagine Truffles asking you every single one of those questions. Today, we are all asking our humans why we cannot go out on the catio. The sun is shining, and we do not understand the concept of 16 degrees. Stay in and warm Truffles and enjoy all your treats. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. truffles.... a standard evade de questshun answer bout de treetz...

    ewe got sum at Christmas.....

    HELLO...that wuz all most a MONTH ago !!!

  11. Awe! I love how the name Truffles came to you. It's the perfect name for a black torti (actually more like a dark chocolate and caramel colored torti).

  12. Speakin' of names... I have asked the peep so many times... so many, many times... Why did you give me a girls' name when I am a MANcat? She has never answered. She must not understand.


  13. Truffles, do you melt in sunshine like chocolate truffles? Btw, years ago our mom wrote a novel about a chocolatier who rescued a dog named Truffles named after a real truffle hound in France. He was named Le Truffe and of course preferred the kind of truffles found underground.

  14. Got to be the best kitty conversation! So much love and fun.

    Harvey Button

  15. Very cute post. Truffles is blessed to have you as her mommy. My cats ask me the same thing about the window I think. I give them a similar answer - It's winter in Metro-Detroit and you would become cat-sicles. :)

  16. What wonderful questions and answers. You two are a wonderful match!

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