Saturday, September 27, 2014

Caturday Art: Coffee Truffles

Did you know that Monday, September 29, is International Coffee Day? I am a total coffee junkie; I with there was a way to pipe it through my veins intravenously. I also love looking at latte art. I wonder if a barista could create this, though? (I made this with Photofunia.)

I did a little investigating and discovered that many coffee chains are planning special freebies and deals on Monday. If you've heard of any others, please let us know! Remember that all of these offers are valid at participating locations.

Dunkin’ Donuts: free medium cup of Dunkin’ Donuts hot Dark Roast Coffee, with a limit of one per guest. Then, beginning September 30 through October 5, guests can enjoy a medium cup of Dunkin’ Donuts hot Dark Roast Coffee for the special price of only 99 cents.

Krispy Kreme: free 12oz cup of Krispy Kreme House, Decaf or Dark Roast coffee, or treat yourself to a 12oz Mocha, Latte or iced coffee for $1 at participating Krispy Kreme US locations.

McDonald’s second national Free Coffee Event kicked off on September 16 and will end on National Coffee Day, September 29th. Guests can get a free small McCafé coffee during breakfast hours at participating McDonald’s restaurants across the country.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea: purchase one beverage and receive a second beverage of equal or lesser value free.

Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop is celebrating National Coffee Week with the launch of any size coffee in Regular or Dark Roast for just $1.

Caribou Coffee: Free samples of their newly released Amy's Blend coffee on Monday, 9/19.

We're participating in Athena's Caturday Art Blog Hop. Check out more artsy kitties here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Awesome pic, Truffles.

Christy Paws said...

Mom loves her coffee and thought this was such a cute idea. She says thanks for the International Coffee Day info.

GLOGIRLY said...

Would you believe that Glogirly doesn't drink coffee???
Don't worry, Gloman makes up for it. Coffee is like oxygen to him.
; )

Furries said...

Mom doesn't drink coffee but she thinks your art is adorable. If that showed up on her mug of hot cocoa, I don't think she'd be able to drink it.

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

Love that pic! Mum's addicted to the coffee :)

Purrs xx


I love coffee too! Drinking some as I type! Great graphic with Truffles!

Marty the Manx said...

Mom says she would drink coffee is she saw something that pretty in it every day!

Anonymous said...

OMC National Coffee day?? Mommy's gunna insist on dwinkin' da stuff da whole day, and hers is purrawly gunna wanna finish a whole cup at least a foo times dat day afur duin' anyfin' fur us. MOL

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

Cathy Keisha said...

TW has been counting down the days till free DD coffee. She’s planning on hitting all 3 DD’s in the hood. Heh heh. She can’t believe that the 99 cent any size iced coffees are a thing of the past. TW loves the taste of coffee but has to drink it decapitated. That coffee art came really nice.

Unknown said...

Love that picture of Truffles!
Mommy has had trees in her coffee, but never a cat!
Thanks for sharing!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Yep, we blogged about it last year but are passing this year........... :)

Clooney said...

Love that cup of joe with you in it Truffles, tres cool! And the Human here loves coffee, thanks for letting us know about International Coffee Day...we have to see what is going on in our neck of the woods.

Fur Everywhere said...

I love the photo! I'm surprised and a little disappointed that Starbucks isn't having anything for National Coffee Day. There are like 20 of them here downtown! :)

Kitty Cat Chronicles said...

That's super cool! It looks real. I would be super impressed if a barista could create this!

Unknown said...

It is a real piece of art. I wouldn't even drink these coffee. But after I read an article about caffeine I even think about switching to tea. But if it is served so beautifuly who could stand.