Friday, February 5, 2016

Dear Morris...How to "Sleep Like a Kitty" This Winter

Meows from Mudpie!!!

If you ask me, there's one thing in the world that there's just too little of, and it's not love. I'm talking about S-L-E-E-P. I'm always trying to get more of it and make the most out of what little time I do get.

So I had a thought... why not ask someone who's truly an expert on the subject; someone who spends more time snoozing than most of us spend at work? I'm talking, of course, about Morris the Cat.

For those of you who don't know him – or who've let sleep deprivation cloud your memory – Morris is the iconic spokescat for 9Lives cat food and has starred in over 50 commercials. When he's not in front of the camera or chowing down on 9Lives, you can bet he's napping in his trailer, ahem carrying case.

He's taken time out of his busy schedule to answer some reader questions about the very im-purr-tant issue of sleep. What's more, he's offering fans the chance to win a Morris-shaped, human-sized plush bed AND a year's supply of 9Lives cat food. Just go to his Live Well & Prospurr website to enter.

Dear Morris,

I've been experiencing difficulties with falling asleep, tossing and turning once my head hits the pillow. I don't get it because I feel tired all day at work; then I come home, brush my teeth, flip on the TV, and just... lie there. I'm hoping I can learn from the expert. Morris, what am I doing wrong?

Sleepless in San Fur-nando

Dear Sleepless in San Fur-nando,

Your case, unfortunately, is not at all uncommon. When you're going all day long at the speed of a cheetah, it's no wonder your mind darts around like a red laser dot at bedtime. Luckily, as a cat, I spend up to 140 hours per week sleeping and I can tell you there is hope! For starters, I notice you mentioned turning on the TV before bed. Cats don't watch TV – this is partly because the majority of us can't speak English that well, but mostly because it interferes with our snooze time. Scientifically speaking, the 'glow' emitted by an electronic screen enters the brain and slows the release of melatonin, the hormone that helps us sleep. So next time you want to turn on the tube before bed, try counting sheep instead – or better yet, mice!

Kitty hugs,

Dear Morris,

I'm a cat but as you know, even animals have 'spirit animals.' Mine is an owl – a night owl to be exact. I love to play "catch the speck of dust" or "chase your tail in the middle of the bed" into the wee hours of the morning. My humans have no idea what they're missing out on. They just lay there snoring and swat at me when I come too close. How can I make them see that daytime is lame, and the real party happens under stars (the stick-on, glow-in-the-dark kind)?

Yours truly,
Hyper Harry

Dear Hyper Harry,

Sadly, this is a case you may not win. Humans need their sleep at night. You get to spend all day snoozing and they only get a few precious hours when the sun goes down. Your humans can, however, make sure that they understand why it is you're pouncing about and provide things to make nighttime more fun. For instance, your humans could consider getting a kitty condo or put out bags or boxes for you to explore. For extra credit, they can hide treats around the house so you can go on a midnight scavenger hunt. Or, if you're really lucky, they'll bring home a kitty best friend for you to play with whenever you please. Other cats might be up at night because they get hungry, in which case their humans could try an automatic food dispenser to provide small meals throughout the night. Remember, the more you let your humans sleep at night, the more energy they'll have to play with you during the day!

Kitty hugs,

Dear Morris,

My cat and I are BFFs. We do everything together – play, eat, snuggle – we make a purrfect team. But in the bedroom, I prefer to have my space. My cat, on the other hand, thinks there's no better place to sleep than right on my head! Why does she do this? I'm not all that fun when I'm sleeping.

Tired Tails

Dear Tired Tails,

You have been bestowed a great honor. As cats, we don't always wear our hearts on our paws, but one tell-tail sign we love and trust you is when we choose to make YOU our bed. Plus, you're warm. And getting our warmth from you helps us to conserve our own energy for more important things like eating. The rhythm of your breath also creates a calming effect and the curve of your face, stomach, or legs perfectly forms to our bodies. Basically, you're like a waterbed, heated blanket, and memory foam all in one! So the next time your cat goes to curl up on you, think of it as a compliment and drift off to sleep knowing you are loved... and you're very comfortable.

Thank you, Morris the Cat, for your wonderful nighttime tips! For more info on Morris' mission to help cats and humans live well – including his initiative to donate one million 9Lives meals to rescue kitties – check out his Live Well & Prospurr website. And while you're there, enter to win the limited-edition, human-sized Morris the Cat plush bed along with a year's supply of 9Lives!

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by 9Lives which means we've been compensated for featuring this content. This did not influence ​our opinions at all, and we only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers.


Anonymous said...

We're gonna checkout Morris' website! Thanks for the info :)

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Those sure are lots of great stories with great answers. We sure will check out the site. You all have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mudpie (and Melissa). I'll check out the website, too.

The Menagerie Mom said...

Morris should have his own advice column in the paper. Thanks for sharing these tips as well as Morris's website with us, Mudpie and Melissa! Purrs!

Katie and The Katz said...

Morris sure has good advice... does he have his own column? He really should! And Mudpie could fill in fur him sometimes too.. I know she has goods advice, after all her has Tortitude!

So wondering if Mudpie would like to stop by the Mom's 55th birthday pawty! There's lots of fun things to do, like chasing the strawberry mice! and Catnip Pizza! Purrz from Katie Kitty Too... just go to Katiez Furry Mewz Blog. <3

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manee thanx two ewe Morris for answerin all theeze questshunz..... we think we've hurd a few oh de same asked round TT two....& thanx Mudpie for sharin Morris' Q & A session ....we will chex out Morris' total lee awesum give a way !!

heerz two a freshwater hatchetfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥


That Morris sure had some great tips!

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Us too. We need to get this posted. Hope y'all have a pawsum weekend.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

pilch92 said...

Morris is a wise kitty. I sleep pretty goo once I get there which is usually about 1 am.

Cathy Keisha said...

Dear Morris. When I bite/attack The Woman she locks me out of the bedroom. Is she rude or what? CK

The Swiss Cats said...

We have to checkout his website ! Morris has very good advice ! Purrs