Saturday, April 7, 2018

Gemstone Gemma #CaturdayArt

Meows from Mudpie!

This week I used the Gem effect in Painnt, not even realizing the significance of my choice until after we downloaded the results. Careful readers of our blog might remember that when I was at the shelter before I met Mommy and became her little Mudpie, my name was Gemma!

Do you ever wonder how shelters choose names for kitties? After all, they have to name so many, and I'm sure they know that most get changed anyways. Mommy liked the name Gemma, but she just didn't think it was right for me. I would have to agree. I was definitely meant to be a Mudpie ;)

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And now our weekly answers for the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge, hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy's Reader...

Mommy's answers:

1. Hummus is one of my favorite foods. When I sit down at night to read or watch TV with a bag of tortilla chips and hummus, it takes all my self control to not eat the entire container. I suppose I could be addicted to unhealthier snacks!

2. I have a hard time saying "no" to anything Mudpie wants.

Mudpie's answers:

3. I love to nap on top of a pile of stuffies. Luckily there's no shortage in our house!

4. Being irresistible and adorable is easy for me.


  1. The name may not have suited you, Mudpie, but the effect sure does!

  2. Mudpie, is that YOU? Are you blue today? Hehehe! Happy Caturday! Ps: we like you better as Mudpie than Gemma though you DO look like a gem today!

  3. Great mosaic effect ! We prefer Mudpie, too. Purrs

  4. Nice artwork! You should turn that into a puzzle!

    Great Fill-ins too! We especially like the last one!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. That is a pretty effect, Mudpie! Paisley likes to make a nest for herself in among the stuffies. Sometimes it's hard to find her! :)

  6. I love your art! Joanie's name was Meghan when I got her, but that didn't fit. Thank you both for these great fill-in answers. Have you tried chocolate hummus? Boar's Head makes it and it is so good with pretzels and a sort of healthy way to have chocolate :) Miss Mudpie, you are adorable. XO

  7. You are a very pretty mosaic, Mudpie.

  8. This is absolutely fabulous art. We haven't tried that effect yet in Painnt, but we will definitely give it a try. Mudpie your fill-in on #4 is PURRFECTION. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  9. That's lovely, Mudpie!

    I was Sophie at the shelter before I was renamed Athena by my mum.

    Purrs xx

  10. That is one of the coolest art works I;ve seen!! YOu are adorable Mudpie!

  11. love your artwork and you are right, hummus is a great thing to binge on, (I love it too) MUCH healthier than many other things! catchatwithcarenandcody

  12. Beautiful mosaic, Mudpie.
    Yael from

  13. You were destined to be Mudpie, Mudpie! We just love your name. I also love the name Gemma, though. One of my parents' cats is named Gemma. Gemma's litter mate was also adopted by my parents, and her name is Freya. And, Freya is a tabby tortie!

    And your fill-ins are all purrfect! Mmmmmm, hummus. And #2 is so true here as well. The furbabies run this joint! Mudpie, your #4 is truer than true. You're gorgeous!

  14. I would have thought tiles or mosaics and not gems. Some smarty a$$ at the sheter named me Kittee and the volunteer begged the peeps to change it. Hummus? MP, is your momma a hippie? *wink*