Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year in Review

2011 was a banner year for me reading-wise. Through Facebook I connected with and became friends with so many wonderful authors, and in August I started my very first blog. This book blog! Because of my Kindle, I read 133 books and novellas...a record for me!

Personally, it was a very hard year for me with family deaths and illnesses, weather disasters, and Tara's feline diabetes diagnosis.

This is the first time I attempted "Best of" lists, and soon I realized I was going to have to list 3 favorites in most categories, as it was virtually impossible for me to narrow down absolute favorites for each category. And still each list could be much longer...

Favorite Mysteries of the Year:
Deadly Cliche-Ellery Adams
Ghost Ship-PJ Alderman
To Sketch a Thief-Sharon Pape

Favorite Westerns of the Year:
Wild Wild Widow-Emma Jay
Wild Lilly-Ann Mayburn
Tumbleweeds-Chastity Bush

Favorite New Cozy Series of the Year:
Virginia Lowell's Cookie Cutter Shop Mysteries
Sofie Kelly's Magical Cats Mysteries
Melissa Bourbon's Magical Dressmaking Mysteries

Favorite New Author: Tonya Kappes

Favorite Indie Book: Happy New Life by Tonya Kappes

Soooo Glad This Series is Back!!! Donna Ball's Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries

I would love to hear what your favorite books of 2011 were!!! And I look forward to another wonderful year of books in 2012.


Tonya Kappes said...

Thank you so much!! I'm so flattered to be in such great company!! Are you sure you didn't make a mistake on me???? WOW!! I'm in shock and awe!!!

Anonymous said...

I see some of my favorites up there. Tonya Kappes & Melissa Bourbon ... what a great list!! Love the photo too!!

Ellery Adams said...

I am honored, Melissa! Have a bright and merry New Year's and may your 2012 TBR pile be higher than ever.

Misa said...

Thank you for including me on your Best of 2011 list, Melissa! Happy New Year.

Donna Ball said...

Melissa, Raine Stockton is soooo glad to be back!! Thanks to you and readers like you who encouraged me to continue the series, there will be more.
Donna Ball