Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Spirit

A Holiday Mystery Novella
Stranded by in a snow storm, Eve and her mother seek shelter at a nearby manor, little knowing a murderer has struck once and lies in wait for the next victim.

A dead body in a room locked from the inside, a blizzard cutting off all assistance, and a pair of stranded ladies with their maid. Christmas at Folkestone manor looks like it will be a little more exciting than Giles had hoped when he and his father accepted Eric Lane’s invitation. But now Lane is dead, and the tiny group of guests fears that nothing can stop a murderer who can pass through locked doors without a sound.

The Christmas Spirit has been up to no good, and Eric can only hope they survive the holiday season.

This is a  wonderful, atmospheric novella set in the Regency era. A locked door murder in a desolate manor house, a blizzard, rumors of a ghost, even a little romance. Perfect holiday escape!

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