Wednesday, March 27, 2013

High in Trial by Donna Ball

Blurb: A weekend competition turns deadly in this seventh Raine Stockton Dog Mystery. Dog trainer Raine Stockton and her happy-go-lucky golden retriever Cisco have been looking forward the opening weekend of AKC competitive agility all winter. They travel to the low country of South Carolina to compete against some of the top dogs in the southeast for blue ribbons, squeaky toys, and perhaps even that elusive title of High in Trial. But even in this carefree atmosphere of high-spirited dogs and dedicated owners ambition runs high, and when one of the competitors is found brutally murdered it begins to look as though corruption might have penetrated even this last bastion of decency and sportsmanship, the AKC.

While Raine and Cisco stalk a killer, a twenty-year old mystery is unfolding back home that will have devastating consequences for Raine and those she loves, and every hour that passes brings a deadly threat closer.

My Review: My only complaint about any of the books in this series is that they end and the wait for the next Raine and Cisco story is endless. For 7 years now they have held a significant portion of my mystery loving heart.

The majority of High in Trial takes place at an AKC sanctioned agility trial in South Carolina. Before the weekend is over Raine faces the murder of a fellow competitor while back home in North Carolina, her ex Buck is investigating a 20 year old mystery involving secrets in Raine's family that will change her life forever. Each chapter opens with the number of hours until "the shooting", making this a heart-pounding read with an ending that left me breathless.

Every book in this series is a blue ribbon winner that makes me want to adopt a pup and hit the agility ring!

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review.


Ann Summerville said...

Anything with a dog on the cover is a winner for me. I'll look out for this.

Katreader said...

How is it I've never heard of this series?!? It sounds right up my alley.

katsrus said...

Sounds really good. New series to me. Thanks for the review. Love the cover.
Sue B

Aurian said...

New series for me as well, and now I really want to read it! Thanks for the review Melissa.