Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tara Interviews Nickeled-and-Dimed to Death's Banshee the Cat

Hey everybody, it's Tara!!! Today I'm interviewing Banshee from Denise Swanson's fun Devereaux's Dime Store Mystery series. The second book in the series, Nickeled-and-Dimed to Death, is in stores now! You don't even need to move your kitty off your lap to buy it, just download it to your Kindle thingy!!!

How did you come to live with Birdie?
Her husband brought me home to her as an anniversary present just before he crossed the rainbow bridge.

You have to tell me where your name came from!
When Mr. Sinclair plucked from my mother’s side, I was justifiably upset. And like most Siamese cats, when I'm upset, I vocalize that emotion. So he said that I was howling like a banshee and the name stuck.

When Mommy adopted me she said she'd been looking for either a tortie or a Siamese. What's so special about Siamese cats?
First, it's my coloring. All Siamese have creamy coats (warm beige or cold blue-white, depending on their point color) and darker ears, face, paws and tail, which make us stand out. And also my almond-shaped eyes, wedge-shaped face, and large pointy ears. But most of all it's our intelligence and the way we interactive with our humans.

How are things going with Dev? What's the true story of the rodent incident?
It was bad enough that Dev moved in, just what I always wanted an obnoxious teenager living with me, but she brought a hamster or gerbil or whatever the heck it was with her. So I ate it. Hey, cats eat rodents. It’s a fact of life. Get over it.

Any other gripes about your life?
There's never enough Temptation cat treats.

What kind of trouble do you and Birdie get into in Nickeled-and-Dimed to Death? What's next for you guys?
Birdie hasn't forgiven Noah Underwood for what he did to Dev, so now that he's hanging around more, she's been plotting with her friend Tony to get his nephew Jake back to Shadow Bend.

After that, who knows, but I hear there might be some trouble in the future with an author that visit's Dev's dime store to talk to the local book club.

Dev’s five-and-dime may be doing well, but her love life is in turmoil. She’s torn between Deputy U.S. Marshal Jake Del Vecchio, who is on an undercover assignment, and her ex-beau Noah Underwood, the local doctor from a high-society family. So she welcomes the distraction when Elise Whitmore offers her a great deal on antique chocolate molds that would be perfect for her Easter gift baskets. But do the molds actually belong to Elise’s soon-to-be ex-husband? In buying them, has Dev committed a felony?

When Elise is found shot to death, the mystery deepens—and Dev’s good friend Boone, who discovered the body, is taken into custody. With the help of her best buds, Dev must clear Boone’s name and find the real killer. Good thing that when it comes to amateur sleuths, they broke the mold with Dev Sinclair.


Katreader said...

My Neige and Blizzard say shame on you for eating rodents. They're Siamese too...but, they're Siamese rats.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Tara, you are a stellar interviewer! Sounds like Banshee is one heck of a sassy kitty. I'm going to have to check out this super cute mystery series!

Carol N Wong said...

Enjoyed the interview. Can't wait to read the book.

Ann Summerville said...

I stopped by your blog today.

Aurian said...

Thanks for the lovely interview, I am looking forward to reading more about you!

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Banshee sounds wonderful as does the series. I adore these interviews!