Sunday, September 8, 2013

Carnival of the Cats #495

Hey everybody, it's Truffles! This is Mommy's first time hosting the Carnival of the Cats. When she signed up months ago, I wasn't even a part of her life yet, but now I get to help her with it! (Psst...I'm wearing my party hat today not only in honor of the Carnival, but also because it's Mommy's birthday!)

Here's what's going on this week around the cat blogosphere:

* Are you on a tight budget and looking for ways to minimize pet costs? Frugal Rules has an informative post on How to Save Money on Pet Costs

* Nissy at Nerissa's Life brings us A Little of This... her thoughts on a fun blogger award she was given, the word mouses now being accepted by spell check, an egg beater shortage, and (gasp) grey fur!!!

* The Opinionated Pussycat's Nikita has a preview of their upcoming giveaway of Hill's Ideal Balance cat food.

* The Opinionated Pussycat's Elvira tells us about The Cats of Lucky's Pub. It's about a cool bar in Houston with an outdoor patio area run by a bunch of cats who hang around and greet the patrons! 

* StrangeRanger's beautiful Maddie talks to us about boxes, and how she's an *on* the box kind of girl in On the Subject of Boxes.

* Over at Samantha, Clementine, and Maverick's blog, after a romantic date in Paris, Samantha says Yes to Socks Marriage Proposal!!! Congratulations, you crazy kids!!!

* Mommy and I wrote a piece for Hill's Science Diet about Grain-Free Cat Food that also includes a great giveaway!

* This week the cat blogger family lost a special little boy, Dash Kitten, who tragically went to the Rainbow Bridge way too soon. Would you stop by his blog and leave your condolences for his Mom? He was a great friend to so many of us and will never be forgotten. 

* Today is National Pet Memorial Day; please take a quiet moment to remember and honor your pets who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I know that today (and every day), Mommy is thinking of Patch, Sebastian, Sashi and Tara.

For more information about the Carnival and how to submit an entry go to:

The next edition on 9/15/13 will be hosted by Tuxedo Gang Hideout


Kiril Kundurazieff said...

Great job hosting your first Carnival!

Thank you!

Nikita & Elvira

mog said...

I second that opinion, you definitely hosted like a pro, thanks much for hosting. Pawsitively pawsome!

mog said...

And a Happy Birthday, Truffles looks cute in her birthday hat celebrating. Hope you got lots of good kitty loving on your birthday.