Saturday, November 9, 2013

Book Review: The Case of the Shrieking Ghost (A Kitza & Petey Cats Mystery) by Kate Townsend O'Keefe


It was early October, at exactly just before sundown, when the small northwestern town of Hodge Center first heard the scream that began as a shrill ear-splitting screech lasting all of 15 minutes and ending in a low moan. The scary thing about this was that it happened every evening, at exactly just before sundown, and progressed the same way each evening. The town's people shuddered each evening as dusk approached, bracing against the expected shriek, not knowing how they could handle the nerve jarring, jittery feeling much longer.

This nerve-jarring shriek was making mistress ill - so ill the cats, Kitza and Petey feared for her health. The cats finally decided enough was enough. They were going to find out what was causing this unnerving shriek and STOP it from happening, come hell or high water.

Their investigation, with its twists and turns, make a delightful, scary read.

If you like scary ghost stories, and if you love cats' mysteries -- you'll LOVE The Case of the Shrieking Ghost!

My Review: This is a short novella that packs a powerful punch. I read it at Halloween, but it certainly isn't purely a seasonal read. It's for anyone who loves ghost stories, cat mysteries, or tales exploring the power of love from this life to the next.

Kitza and Petey are both kitties you will fall in love with as they set out to solve the mystery of what's making their Mistress so sick, and end up discovering heartbreaking information from their humans' lives before they became a part of it. As they talk among themselves they display both human and cat-like qualities. Each of their individual personalities' are unique.

The ending has a resolution, yet also leaves some very important questions unanswered that I hope are further investigated in another Kitza and Petey Cats Mystery.

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Unknown said...

This sound fascinating, but I'm put off by $3 for 94 pages of story. Am I cheap? Probably.