Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pit Bull Myths and Facts Infographic

Today we're doing something a little different and crossing over to the dog side :) Tonight one of my favorite TV shows returns for it's 5th season, Pit Bulls and Parolees. For any of you not familiar with the show, it's the story of Tia Torres, her family, and the parolees that work for them at Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans. October was Pit Bull Awareness Month, and in light of the Puppy Doe tragedy, we think it's a very timely infographic. Thank you to for sharing it with us.

Please remember: There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

Pit Bull Myths and Facts Infographic
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Unknown said...

LOVE this post! As a dog lover and soon to be dog trainer, this is the info people are lacking, Great post!