Friday, November 29, 2013

Ebook Bundles & Stocking Stuffers for the Bookish Cat Lover

Hey everybody, Christmas Truffles here to wish you a happy Black Friday Morning! You're not going shopping today, are you? We're sure not! As a matter of fact as you're reading this Mommy and I are most likely still lounging in our bed nursing a turkey hangover!

Since online shopping is the only way to go on a day like today when people that hit the malls go completely insane, we've been hard at work putting together a list of a few goodies for the Bookish Cat Lover. You can pretty much go through our blog and find plenty of ideas for the cat and book lover in your life, so we decided to spotlight a few books that are perfect for holiday gift-giving: (with commentary by Mommy)

E-book Bundles:

Both of these bundles are fantastic values at under $10 (each book can also be purchased separately; a full list of Amy's books can be found here). I have had Complete Care for Your Aging Cat in my collection for years and have turned to it countless times during my years with Sashi and Tara. I have found it to be an invaluable resource. This bundle covers every stage of your cat's life.

Purchase here

Three Award-Winning Cat Care Books! from pet book author Amy Shojai cover all the veterinary care and behavior must-knows from kittens to aging cats--and everything in between including match-making cat and kitten adoption advice--with cat training and care advice for all your special cat's needs. Learn about:

*Choosing, training and communicating with your kitten
*Cat legends, myths, fun facts--and kitten care and products online resources
*Behavior, food and grooming considerations
*Recognize and diffuse cat-to-cat aggression
*Settle disputes over territory, potty problems and mealtime woes
*solve common pet peeves: meowing, clawing, countertop cruising, door dashing
*Understand weird cat behaviors: phone attraction, mirror fear, "elevator butt" and toilet pests
*Learn to keep your aging cat living longer and happier
*Find out what changes to expect--what's normal, and what are warning signs
*Know home nursing care tips that save you money--and kitty angst

Winner: Cat Writers' Association Purina Kitten Chow Award
Winner: Cat Writers' Association Muse Medallion--Best Book and Best Kitten Photos
Winner: Cat Writers' Association Muse Medallion--Best Cat Behavior Book
Winner: Cat Writer's Association Hartz Award for Best Entry on Aging Cats
Winner: Cat Writer's Association Merial Human-Animal Bond Award

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Four pet care books from one of America's best known and award-winning authors provide home care and advice at your furry fingertips. Learn all the must-knows about dog behavior and puppy training, WOW-medicine advances like kidney transplants and cancer therapies, and aging dog nursing care tips in this collection:

*Deal with doggy aggression
*Soothe separation anxiety and fearful dog/cat problems
*Learn about proper pet nutrition
*Understand how to "talk dog" and learn "cat communication" with easy training tips
*Find insight from 100+ veterinary specialists on cutting edge medical care
*Understand how to provide home care to save $$ and doggy angst
*Enjoy chicken soup -icity stories of successful WOW medicine and aging dogs

Amy Shojai is a certified animal behavior consultant (dogs and cats) and the award winning author of two-dozen pet care books. She also writes "dog viewpoint" THRILLERS with Bite!


This mystery certainly isn't the cozy I usually read, but I found it to be a gripping, chilling thriller. A little birdie told me that the sequel, Hide and Seek, should be released before Christmas and I can't wait!

Purchase here
Read my review here

Stocking Stuffers:

I always find stocking stuffers to be such fun to shop for. These two gift books were recently sent to me for review and they fit the bill just perfectly. Full reviews are to come, but these books are beautifully illustrated, adorable little morsels certain to make any cat lover purr.

I'd Rather Be a Cat: The Official 'Better Than Dogs' Cat Book

Purchase here

Cat-lover and humorist Allia Zobel Nolan has the inside scoop--the purr-fect answer--to the question, "Which are better, cats or dogs?"

After scampering around the world and pattering through neighborhood sandlots, Allia has captured those expressive felines in crazy photos and paired each one with a hilarious one-liner. Cat lovers near and far unite to applaud the proof of the truth...

Cat Confessions Little Gift Book

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Felines have many secrets they want to reveal, if only someone would ask them. Well, Allia Zobel Nolan has, and this clever kitty tell-all is filled with their hilarious confessions paired with photographs of cats caught in acts of mischief.

Written as though the cats are speaking, each admission presents a comical revelation. As the cats come clean, they admit to everything from playing tricks on the family dog to secretly hating milk. The result is a fun, great gift for cat lovers...and dog lovers who want the inside scoop on life among the litter crowd.

On My Wish List:

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What's on YOUR wish list this year?


MichMom54 said...

These look like great reads! Me and my Mom avoid the crazed stampedes too and watch the cheesy cookie cutter movies on a certain network ;)! Enjoy your day,Topaz and Sue.

Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard said...

That bookend is adorable!

A Tonk's Tail said...

*whispers* The Whiskerslist Classifieds! We think they're soooo FUNNY!

M. K. Clinton said...

Such cute cat books & I love the book ends! Purr~fect for the cat lover!

Jen deHaan said...

Great suggestions! Loooove ebooks, and the bookend is very cute.

Jessica @ said...

That kitty bookend is really cute. Now only if it was a wiener dog :)

Unknown said...

Love that bookend! These are great book ideas. I will definitely have to read a few! Happy Holidays! Thanks for joining the Holiday Blog Hop!

Cleo Haynes said...

Vets Weston
Nice books. I would like to read them all to have an idea on how to take care of my pets.