Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Chewy.com Review: Canidae PURE Taste Game Bird Treats

Meows from Mudpie!

I was a bit perturbed with Mommy last month. When our Chewy.com Blogger Outreach newsletter arrived I had the chance to try out an amazing cat tree but she said we don't have room for any more cat furniture!!! Did you ever hear anything more ridiculous? Move out some of the human furniture...it's not all being used!

Anyways, once I finished griping about my horrible mistreatment I picked out some Canidae Grain-Free PURE Taste Game Bird Recipe Cat Treats. Angel Truffles was a *huge* fan of the Canidae chicken treats and I value her opinion.

Here's a little more information:

Canidae Grain-Free PURE Taste Game Bird Recipe Cat Treats are deliciously nutritious snacks for cats. Created by nutritional specialists, these grain and gluten-free treats contain natural ingredients and are perfectly sized for all cats. The unique Game Bird recipe features wholesome fresh duck, turkey meal and quail meal in a crunchy texture that helps clean teeth and freshen breath while your cat enjoys the yummy taste.

Key Benefits:
  • Fresh duck is the first ingredient, followed by nutritious turkey meal and quail meal
  • Contains simple ingredients including wholesome peas, potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • Crunchy texture helps clean your cat’s teeth
  • Resealable pouch keeps treats fresh tasting and crispy for the crunch cats love
  • Made in the USA

So what did I think? I'm very, very picky when it comes to treats and sadly they just weren't for me :( A bit too "gamey", perhaps?

So I sought out a second opinion when my friend and neighbor kitty Milo stopped by for a snack. He gave the Canidae game bird treats a rousing four paws up!!!

These treats are currently on sale for $4.79 so make sure you add them to your next Chewy order!

Disclaimer: A package of treats were sent to us for free by Chewy.com in exchange for an honest review. 


  1. We couldnt even read past the idea that there was no room fer more cat furniture. The whole concept is too tragic ta contemplate. In fact Marley is in a corner, twitching... ~ Ayla and Iza

  2. I agree with Ayla and Iza - it is so tragic about the tree. But it's good to be good to your neighbor Milo!!

  3. She said no to a tree? What a mean human! We understand how picky kitties don't like every treat, but it looks like Milo sure gave them paws-up approval.

  4. Your finicky-ness just meant Milo got to score some treats!

  5. Sorry about the cat tree, Mudpie. You will have to keep working on Mommy to make more room for your stuff! :) Glad you shared your treats with Milo.

  6. We all have our own taste preferences, Mudpie, and these treats just weren't up your alley. But that's okay, because that means your furiend Milo got a nice, delicious surprise! As for the cat tree, it is quite tragic, Mudpie. But, although I hate to say it, I kind of know where your mom is coming from...Purrs!

  7. That was wrong of your Mom not to let you try out a new cat tree- so unfair. How lucky that Milo came to the rescue to taste those treats :)

  8. I'm sorry you didn't get your cat tree! My kitties are pretty much out of room for cat furniture too. Those treats do sound like they are pretty good. At least Milo enjoyed them! :)
    -Purrs from your friends at www.PlayfulKitty.net

  9. mudpie....we a greez...tell yur mom ta take everee thing that iz KNOT CAT REE LATED outta de houz....then ewe can haz like 20 cat treez !!! how kewl wood that be :) ♥♥♥

  10. We tried 'em too Mudpie, and we like da gamey. Sorry yous didn't like 'em eever, but gld sum kitty did.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


  11. It's nice that your buddy liked them.

    The Florida Furkids

  12. Milo, you look like you enjoyed diggin' in!

  13. Time to move the human furniture out. Hint: Truffles liked all treats so I’m not sure I’d value her opinion. Me, OTOH, I’m very picky with treats.

  14. PAWfect size. Enjoy your Canidae treats from Chewy.com. Golden Woofs

  15. Great review, Callie the Cat would love these!!! :)

  16. Don't you find being a taste testing Ambassador for Chewy.com the best job in the world?

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