Thursday, January 21, 2016

December's Meowy Holidays CatLadyBox

Meows from Mudpie!

Check out what I got in my December CatLadyBox: an adorable Abominable Snowman Catnip Monster by Loopies (love this little guy!!!) and a super fun crinkleball by CanCor, made in Canada!

The box arrived on Christmas Eve so I got to start celebrating the holiday a day early :) And check out how I'm modeling the items...Vanna White, eat your heart out!!!

Now I'll turn things over to Mommy so she can show you what she got:

1) A Christmas card from the CatLadyBox mascots, Pimp, Moo and Phantom, and a gorgeous holiday print from Featured Cat Lady Artist Krista May.

2) Black Cat Glass Necklace, the very first CatLadyBox original jewelry design. It was inspired by the story of Isis and Joan...a dying woman and her cat who were given a very special final Christmas thanks to CatLadyBox founder Dorian and a group of amazing cat lovers.

3) Crazy Cat Lady Pouch by Zana. I've been coveting one of these stylish pouches since I saw it in one of the very first CatLadyBox ads, and I'm so happy to finally have one! I actually think I'm going to use it as a little clutch purse!

4) Cat-Shaped Paper Clip Set, another CatLadyBox exclusive. These are going to be used in my home *only*...they are way too cute to risk a co-worker getting their paws on one!

Are you a CatLadyBox subscriber yet? Subscriptions cost $34.99 a month, but you can get an even better deal if you prepay for 3 or 6 months. Also available is the Crazy CatLadyBox, which includes a couple surprises for your kitty! From what I hear January's special edition "Kitty Love" CatLadyBox ships this weekend!

Disclosure: I'm not being compensated in any way for this review. I am a proud CatLadyBox subscriber!


  1. I actually first heard of CatLadyBox not that long ago, and I have been seriously considering subscribing since. In fact, you may have just won me over with this pawesome review. All of your December goodies are purrfect, Mudpie and Melissa! Purrs!

  2. The original jewlery design inspired by Isis and Joan is really touching. What an especially cool surprise in your CatLadyBox!

  3. Wow that is some great items in that box and good job Mudpie modeling the box. The kitty paper clips looks great. You all have a great day.

  4. Mudpie I love the way you gracefully placed your paw on the box to emphasize its contents! I liked the way your human listed all the items too which are so creative! Great box with fun contents! I hope you both enjoy it.

  5. You are such a good helper, Mudpie, and I'm sure you gave the toy a test as soon as the photo was taken. :)

  6. Oh, how wonderful that the black cat necklace was inspired by Joan and Isis!! Their memory lives on :) I didn't realize that the CatLady Dorian was the same one that headed up the Joan and Isis project!

  7. I'd like a front door mat with the design from the top of the box.

  8. Great content ! What a pawsome box ! Purrs

  9. I love your Vanna White impression, Mudpie! You make a great spokescat. :) There are a lot of great things in that box. I can see why you would be wanting that bag too. Very cute!
    -Purrs from your friends at

  10. Everything looks great and you are so much better than Vanna White.

  11. I just got a product in the mail with a cute cat shaped paper clip. It was cute.