Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Mighty Huntress Dreams... #NaturalBalance

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Late the other night the house was blissfully quiet while I tried to snatch a couple hours of reading time before going to bed. Mudpie was already sound asleep in her kitty bed and soon my attention was drawn to the cute little chattering noises she was making. I looked over to see her body twitching, her paws either swatting or chasing after something.

I couldn't help but let my mind wander to what she might be dreaming about. My best guess is that she was probably stalking a squirrel or a mouse, answering the "call of the wild" just like her ancestors did. Thanks to food like Wild Pursuit™ from Natural Balance® Pet Foods, available at PetSmart®, Mudpie can live life as a pampered house cat while still satisfying her ancestral cravings!

Why do we all resolve to live a healthier lifestyle just because it's a new year? It should be a lifelong pursuit, both for us and our pets! A proper diet is the #1 way to help our pets live a longer, healthier life, and it all begins with high quality ingredients in the right combination.

Here are 5 reasons why Wild Pursuit is a great choice for your cat:

1) Wild Pursuit formulas are complete and balanced for all life stages. With elevated levels of protein from unique animal sources such as salmon, herring, & walleye; trout, salmon & tuna; and chicken, turkey & quail, Wild Pursuit meets a cat's nutritional needs by closely resembling the diet they would have eaten in the wild.

2) Does your cat love freeze-dried treats? The Wild Pursuit dry food has freeze-dried pieces mixed in with the kibble! These minimally processed pieces are rich in high-quality protein with a taste cats have evolved to crave.
3) 100% Grain-Free: Made with legumes including garbanzo beans and peas, excellent grain-free sources of energy, fiber, and protein

4) Prebiotics help to maintain optimal digestive function

5) Balanced Omega-6 and Omega-3 ratios support healthy skin and a luxurious coat

Like all Natural Balance foods, the Wild Pursuit line is backed with a Buy with Confidence guarantee to ensure pets' health and safety and all products are tested in their state-of-the art in-house laboratory for nine known contaminants before they reach store shelves. You can do a search on their website and read the actual test results of the product you're buying here. They even have people with nutrition/veterinary degrees on their customer support team to help customers find the best products for addressing their pets' health concerns!

Our cats’ ancestors hunted for their meals in the wild and flourished on a high-protein diet from different animal sources. Natural Balance has achieved a formula with the "natural balance" your cat would instinctively seek for peak nourishment.

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  1. We loved your Natural Balance review, especially the line about living the life of an indoor cat while satisfying ancestral cravings! Great job of explaining all the benefits and making also the presentation of the ingredients informative in an entertaining way.

  2. What a mighty huntress you are!!

  3. We get different flavours of food which Mum buys for us but we are disappointed there's never any mouse flavour!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. That does look like great food. And such a great review Mudpie. We just might have to try that.

  5. Good food, soft bed, sweet dreams.

  6. Mmmmm, sounds like a nice meal for any kitty. Thanks for the great review, Melissa and Mudpie! Purrs!

  7. Carmine and Milita have been enjoying Wild Pursuit canned food. It's a great brand.

  8. Natural Balance seems like a good choice for our cats. It's a shame they don't sell in Portugal.

  9. I like their LID wet food best but the woofies got to do that line. Great images!

  10. Ummm yum that sounds so good you're making us so hungry!