Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Tonya Kappes Book Released Today

A Charming Cure 

Anyone who follows my blog regularly knows my favorite Indie author is Tonya Kappes. She is an amazing author, and one of the sweetest ladies I know.  Her brand new book, A Charming Cure, the second book in her Magical Cures series, released today. Squeee!!!

Book Blurb: Bubble. . .Bubble. . .

Psychic June Heal's homeopathic cure shop, A Charming Cure, is the most popular shop in the unusual little town of Whispering Falls, Kentucky.

Cures and Trouble. . .

June is about to learn she has more than psychic abilities when she attends Hidden Hall A Spiritualist University, leaving her shop in the hands of handsome sheriff Oscar Park.

Hidden Hall has an internal war between the Good-Siders and the Dark-Siders, putting June in the middle.

Magic Stirs. . .

Hidden Hall is riddled with every type of spiritualist. Magic is lurking around every corner, even black-magic.
Unfortunately, the Ultimate Spell gets into the wrong hands. But it is only discovered after a few spiritualist go missing or end up poisoned to death.

And Trouble Doubles. . .

Madam Torres, June's crystal ball, reveals that A Charming Cure is in shambles along with the rest of Whistpering Falls.

Will June figure out who has the Ultimate Spell and stop them before they destroy the entire spiritualist community?


And I hope you're all members of Tonya's Facebook Street Team. Tuesday night, September 25, she is holding A Charming Cure Witches Ball with all kinds of great giveaways. It's been on my calendar for weeks!


Book of Secrets said...

Sounds like a cute series! I need to check it out.

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

This sounds cute and I am attending the ball!