Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tara Interviews Drop Dead on Recall's Leo the Cat

Hey everybody, it's Tara!!! I'm purring with excitement, because today I'm conducting my very first interview! My guest is Leo, the feline star of Sheila Webster Boneham's new mystery Drop Dead on Recall. Mommy and I gave the book a rave review on Monday's blog. Isn't he handsome???

Tara: Leo, thank you so much for joining us today! It's an honor to have such a heroic little man answering a few questions for his adoring public. I promise not to keep you from your napping too long. First, how did you come to live with Janet?

Leo: Magic, Tara. And a morsel of feline luck. My first dog, the one who is now dancing with sunbeams, told me many times that I was a tiny kitten when I came to MyJanet's house. I don't really remember. Hey, loveliness, is Tara your real name? Or your people name? Has anyone told you how gorgeous you are? My head is spinning a little from looking at your gold and onyx fur. (Don't spread it around, okay, but you can call me by my real name. It's Mrrrwwoooghghg.)

Tara: Oh, are such a flirt!!! I'm blushing :) Yes, Tara is my real name. Mommy is a huge Gone with the Wind fan. I'm having a hard time remembering what I wanted to ask you next. Oh yes, what is your day typically like?

Leo: Busy busy busy. I start in the wee hours, shortly after MyJanet goes to bed. Zoom zoom zoom around the house. Gotta stay in shape. Bat a few balls and funnymice around the house, leap on and off things. Then I watch out the windows for a while. As you know, a lot goes on out there and I need to keep tabs on what's happening. MyJanet and MyJay, you know, the dog, are blind at night, poor things, but I watch. Baretail comes by with her children on her back, and Mask One and Mask Two keep trying to get into the garbage, silly things.Then I have a little nap before MyJanet and MyJay get up. I always say good morning because it makes them happy, and really (another secret, okay, Beautiful?) it makes me happy, too. Then I take another short nap for three or four hours. Lunch. Cuddles with MyJanet and MyJay. Maybe a trip outside and over to MyGoldie's garden. She has a stash over there. You should join me sometime for happy hours. Wow, gives me the zoomies and then I just watch the pretty colors for a while. You get catnip at your house? Then I have to spruce up every couple of hours. You obviously know how important careful fur care is. Mmrrfffff.

Tara: Sounds like a great day! I'm a housecat so pretty much just eat and nap. I love laying in the sun in the doors and windows too. Never been much of a catnip fan. How do you really feel about living with dogs? Not only Jay, but all the other orphaned pups your Mom keeps bringing home?

Leo: Dogs get a bad rap. I don't like to profile, you know? I mean, they're kind of sloppy and loud, but really, mostly I think they're just a little insecure. How would you feel with a great big body like that? I've heard that some of them aren't so nice, but I've never met one of those up close. Whoo - that would be scary, huh? Purrrrrrr.

Tara: What about other cats? Would you be ok with a feline roomate or do you prefer being the only cat in the house?

Leo: Come live with me and be my love! Or was that a, what do you call it, hyporetical question? It was? Rats! A cute kitty like you would be a purrfect housemate, but I guess you have a job and a human and all, huh? Big responsibility, humans. Maybe when I get old I could break in a new Cat for MyJanet, but look at me! I'm in my prime and don't need any help around here! Got it under control! Unless you're asking for yourself, Sweetums?

Tara: Oooh, tempting offer, Leo, but Mommy and I are pretty tight! She really needs me, and I need her too. In my opinion, you are truly the star of Drop Dead on Recall. Why on earth didn't you get some cover love? You must rectify that for book #2!!!

Leo: Well, of course I'm the star. The whole book is about me. The whole series. And that is a very good question, darlin'. But if you notice, they didn't put MyJanet or MyJay on the cover, either. Just Pip, that Border Collie, and really, he's a nice guy. He was very sad when he came here, but we helped him get happy again.Tells great stories, although some are a little far fetched. Ha ha! Get it! Fetch, Pip! Fetch, Jay! But I mean seriously, chasing wool-covered animals around a big backyard? Ho, that was a good one. Maybe he got into Goldie's catnip stash!

Tara: Lastly, can you tell me a few of your favorite things: Soft blanket on the couch or sunny window?

Leo: Yes!

Tara: Neck scratches or tummy rubs?

Leo: Yes!

Tara: Wet food or dry?

Leo: Chicken!

Tara: Me too!!! Mommy jokes that I eat so much chicken someday I'm going to cluck instead of meow LOL!!! Catnip mouse or laser light?

Leo: MyJay! I chase him and he chases me. And we wrestle and I can knock him over. Best best best!  Although I wouldn't mind chasing you around the house. >^..^<

Tara: Oh Leo, this interview has been the highlight of my week! I really need to ask Mommy if I can take over her blog more often. She usually does as I ask :) I've trained her pretty well! Best of luck with the book...we can't wait for your next masterpiece!

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***A Word from Leo***
MyJanet and I were very sad when my first dog went to dance with sunbeams, so even thought I HATE to go the vetritorturarian, I'm happy to support research for help make dogs healthy. And really, I know it's hard to believe, but we're sort of related, dogs and people being a bit lower on the mammal tree, so some of this helps cats, too. So check out the Drop Dead for Healthy Dogs book launch - from now through October 11, you can get the book about ME and support independent business and canine health research! Mrrrffffff.


Dru said...

This was a great interview. Thanks Tara for introducing us to Leo.

Unknown said...

Do you have a nice girl kitty, Miss Dru?
Your friend,

Dru said...

Unfortunately, allergies won't let me have one.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Leo, sweetie, it's Tara's mom, Melissa. I just want to thank you for the wonderful interview you gave Tara. I think the two of you would be great friends! You made her a very happy girl this week :)

Unknown said...