Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tara Thursday: 5 Of My Favorite Things

Hey everybody, Tara here! Mommy says Top 5 lists are really popular in the blogosphere so I thought my adoring public might like to learn more about a few of my favorite things...

5) Snuggie Blankie. I never used to be a kitty who loved blankies, but now that I'm older I find myself getting chilly easier. Mommy and I have spent the last 2 winters cuddled up in this super fashionable Snuggie...weren't my tortie colors just made for animal print???

4) Tattered Old Catnip Bag. This is one of the first toys Mommy ever bought me. She thinks she bought it at the Cat Fanciers' Association cat show one year because she's never been able to find another one. I hold it between my paws and lick and lick it...the catnip scent has never faded. Mommy has even had to stitch up the ends a couple times after I bit a hole in it, and one awful night I even puked on it!!! Mommy saved the day by immediately rinsing it out and letting it air dry in the window, even before she cleaned up the carpet!

3) Weruva Grain Free Pouches. I love gravy and since I became a sugar kitty Mommy's been scouring the stores for as many grain free gravy foods as she can find. These are my favorite. One of the supplements I take comes in a capsule; Mommy just empties the powder into the gravy and I've had my meds without even knowing it (or so she thinks...)

2) Simply Nourish Grilled Chicken Cat Treats. I adore freeze dried chicken and these are my favorites, sold only at Petsmart. I'm pretty much gumming it these days and many freeze dried treats are too hard to break up. Mommy can crush these up really easy and spread them on top of my food as sprinkles when I'm being fussy.

1) Chicken. Mommy says I love chicken so much she wouldn't be surprised if one day she woke up to find me clucking instead of meowing. Baked, boiled, rotisserie...I'm not picky, I love chicken any way it's prepared. But my favorite...don't tell the vet...barbequed. Purr.


The Island Cats said...

That is an excellent Top 5 list, Tara! We think old nip toys are the best...and as for chicken...well, when it comes to foods, there's nothing better!

meowmeowmans said...

We like your list very much, Tara! Especially numbers 4 and 1! Catnip and Chicken ... is this Heaven? :)

Deerwalker said...