Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tara Thursday: June is Adopt a Cat Month

Hey everybody, Tara here with a very important public service announcement!!! Did you know that June is the American Humane Association's Adopt a Cat Month? Sooo many perfectly healthy and purring kitties are put to sleep every year just because enough people don't adopt. It's so horrifying I try not to even think about it. Mommy says it's a good thing she lives in a state where most shelters are non-euthanasia shelters or I'd have many, many, many brothers and sisters.

I'm actually only the second kitty that Mommy has adopted. Her 2 childhood cats, Patch and Sam, were rescues that her parents saved as strays on the streets. Mommy's first adoption (through Save Our Strays in Huntington, VT) was my big sister Sashi who I never met. After she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2006 I came into Mommy's life via the Franklin County Humane Society in St Albans, VT.  Mommy says being adopted means I was chosen which makes me extra special!!!

Adopting a cat can even benefit your health! At least one study has indicated that people who live with a cat have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. This includes lowering the risk of having a heart attack. Cats are also credited with helping to reduce stress levels, helping to reduce blood pressure (although I think Mommy's skyrockets when I'm sick), helping to lower cholesterol levels, and helping to reduce the risk of depression.

Sounds to me like shelter kitties ROCK!!! What are you waiting for??? Turns out money can buy health and the form of an adoption fee :)

Adopt, don’t shop.

If you can’t adopt, foster.

If you can’t foster, donate.

If you can’t donate, volunteer.

If you can’t volunteer, educate.

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Unknown said...

That was what I did :) last year both of my cats came from a humane society the fee is small and well worth it!