Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tara Thursday: Rain, Rain Go Away

Hey everybody, Tara here! I'm not a big fan of summer...I have a thick coat and it's just way too hot. Mommy picks up all of my blankies and we can't cuddle. That being said, I still like to lay in sunny patches (my tortie coat is soooo beautiful when the sun hits it!), but lately it just won't stop raining!!!

Will we ever see the sun again Mommy???


  1. The sun only shines here Monday through Friday on the weekends it rains.

  2. We had sun...but lately it's been raining here...we hope the sun returns for us...and you too!

  3. We'd suggest you visit us but at the moment it's raining here too!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. It's been gray and rainy here too, sorry Tara. Goof wants the rain to stop so he can sit in the window and enjoy the sun too.

  5. Gray and rainy here too! I hope the sun comes out for you tara!!!

  6. It is dreary and rainy here, too. Here's hoping we both have some nice sunshine soon. :)

  7. Hi Tara! Maxie here, blogging at Jane Reads. I can't remember Thursday's weather, but yesterday and today were sunny in South Carolina. Come visit me!

    Oh, my person said to tell your person that she is now following you. That doesn't make any sense, though, because she's been right here all day.

    1. Hi Maxie!!! Thanks for joining Mommy and I here!!! You are too cute!

  8. I love the tortoise shell kitties. Such beautiful coloring and markings. Hang in there, Tara. It won't be hot forever.

    P.S. Tara, I think you will be horrified to hear that my sister had a dog named Tara when we were kids. Shocking, I know!