Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Opt to Adopt: Sampson and Delilah

For today's Opt to Adopt post I've chosen a case near and dear to the heart of a very special cat blogger, Brian Frum of Forever Home Wanted and Brian's Home. His friend and rescue partner Jenna is having to give up her rescue work in order to devote her life to caring for an ill spouse. These two little angels, her swan song, need our help. It has extra special meaning to me as well because one of the kittens is a tortie...

Rescue Jenna’s Swan Song: Saving Sampson and Delilah – Greenville, SC (via ForeverHomeWanted.com)
My dear friend and rescue partner Jenna, whom I have mentioned frequently, is facing one of the cruel challenges of life, that of an unwell spouse.  Jenna will be leaving behind the world of animal rescue in order to care for her spouse.  On behalf…


  1. Paws crossed that they find a forever home. Shared.

  2. I saw this story at Brian's and will definitely be sharing these babies. My heart and prayers go out to Jenna - what an exceptionally amazing lady!