Thursday, August 8, 2013

World Cat Day 2013: Midnight Louie/Cat in an Alien X-Ray Giveaway

Happy World Cat Day 2013!!! In my humble opinion, everyday should be World Cat Day, but since today has been selected to shout our favorite animal's praises loud and proud, I'm celebrating with a giveaway for all the literary felines out there.

Fans of feline fiction worldwide are familiar with the Las Vegas escapades of Midnight Louie, Feline PI. His latest adventure is Cat in an Alien X-Ray, the 25th book in the series, and Tor/Forge Books have given me the opportunity to provide two lucky winners (US/UK/Canada Only, winner will be chosen 8/12) a copy of this fabulous book! Just leave a comment (don't forget your email address!) telling me how you celebrate World Cat Day in your house...or are you all like me and celebrate cats year-round???

Carole Nelson Douglas's Cat in an Alien X-Ray takes the Las Vegas gang on a science-fictional roller-coaster ride, as Midnight Louie, feline PI, and company encounter UFO enthusiasts, conspiracy nuts who are too bizarre even for tin foil hat therapy. An Area 51 attraction on the Strip threatens to bring more than starry-eyed enthusiasts to town. Once again it is up to that furballed PI Midnight Louie to keep his crew in line and save them from the attack of the creatures from the beyond…or common criminals that prey on the innocent.


Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

Happy World Cat Day!

Katreader said...

I love Midnight Louis! I was lucky enough to meet Carole Nelson Douglas at a benefit for the SPCA when I lived in Texas and have a few of the early books in the series autographed. I'd love to add this one-autograph or no!

Everyday here is cat day. Sadly, Seneca crossed the Rainbow Bridge just before Tara, but I still have Aleister, Calumet, and Licorice (along with dog, horse, and rats) running the place!

NoraA said...

My younger son's wife (The Southern Belle)decided that her girls needed to have a kitten. Initially she got one for each of them. That only lasted about a week before the poor kitty that the baby played with was returned to the family they got her from. I saw the photos of Aliza playing with her kitty, and it reminded me of that old rubber squeeze toy. The one where, when you squeezed it the ears and eyes would pop waaaaay out. Bye kitty, I'm sure your next slave will take better care of you.

How do I celebrate ANY cat day. I take an extra dose of antihistamines so that I can not only breath but can cuddle whichever kitty I'm visiting.


Sue said...

We have 2 cats at our house and they insist that we celebrate cat day every day. They also insist that I tell them all about Midnight Louie's adventures.

Unknown said...

Happy World Cat Day to you too!

katsrus said...

Happy World Cat Day! We are celebrating with extra treats, catnip, playtime, and hugs. Thanks for the giveaway.
Sue B

Unknown said...

Happy World Cat Day!!! I can't have a cat in my home, because I'm extremely allergic to them. When I go to my family and friends house, I always take my inhalers and get a little love while they are trying to chase their cat into another room. It's just not fair!!!
Barbara Thompson

meowmeowmans said...

Happy World Cat Day to you, too!

Every day is a special cat day in our little world, but maybe we'll sneak in a few extra snuggles and treats today!

Thanks for the great giveaway. :)

kthattori (AT) gmail DOT com

Barbara E. said...

Every day is a day to celebrate cats, all year round. :D Happy World Cat Day!

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

Karen Jo said...

Happy World Cat Day! I celebrate every day with my cats.


Brooke Showalter said...

Oh we celebrate our spoiled cats each and every day! Thank you for the chance to win. :)

brooke811 at ymail dot com

Elizabeth MacGregor-Kirkcaldy said...

Oh, every day is World Cat Day at my house~ :) I love my darlings and couldn't imagine a day without their love and friendship. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Cheers~ Elizabeth MacGregor