Monday, August 26, 2013

Rest in Peace, Homer

Yesterday morning I logged onto Facebook and was met with devastating news...Homer the Blind Wonder Cat went to the Rainbow Bridge last Wednesday, August 21. I've followed this amazing cat's story since his book Homer's Odyssey was published, but even more closely since his final medical emergencies began just months after Tara's did. I've read his wonderful mom Gwen Cooper's Facebook updates and blog posts about his various good days and bad days, his love for deli meats and lobster, as she tried to mentally prepare herself for the goodbye she knew was coming knowing there wasn't a darn thing she could do to make her baby well again.

Black and blind, this little angel had the odds stacked against him, but ended up being loved by millions around the world.

Gwen, we grieve with you.

Homer, we will never forget you.

Homer's Heroes Fund: Gwen donates 10% of her royalties from Homer’s Odyssey to organizations that serve abused, abandoned, and disabled animals. To keep Homer’s memory alive—and to give chances to other animals like Homer, who are so frequently overlooked simply because they aren’t “perfect”—she's creating the Homer’s Heroes Fund. Every year, she will make a donation in Homer’s name to a shelter or rescue group that does outstanding work with “special needs” animals.  Her newest book, Love Saves the Day, will come out in paperback on October 22nd. For every copy of the paperback that is pre-ordered or bought in-store or online between now and Sunday, October 27th, she will donate 100% of her royalties to a shelter/rescue group through the Homer’s Heroes Fund.


Life with Ragdolls said...

Hi I came over from my blog Life with Ragdolls.And I'm very sorry about Homer:-( I have a post on my blog today about him.If you would like to read it then visit my blog and give me a comment.We all love and miss homer!

katsrus said...

So sad to here about Homer. Purrs and hugs for his family.
Sue B