Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Cowboy's Muse

Clio is not only the muse of history, she has virtually lived her life through books. When a lightning strike sends her through space and time, Clio finds herself in the Old West with no way of getting home and none of her powers. Relying on her book learning is not working out like she’d hoped.
Ace Nevada is an unwilling sheriff who has spent the last year trying to get out of town. When a crazy woman lands in the horse trough in front of a saloon, he finds himself strangely attracted to her. He can’t help himself from sampling her lips or her incredibly lush body.
Clio learns how to be human and Ace remembers what it is to be human. They are two halves of the same whole. Mates. When Clio’s powers return, will their love pass the test of time?

I am a huge fan of Beth Williamson's westerns and was thrilled to receive an ARC of her latest for review. What's a goddess from Greek Mythology do when she falls to earth only to end up in a horse trough in 1875 Texas? Fall in love with the hunky sheriff, of course! This is a delightful romp in the Old West with a mythological twist...incredibly unique!

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