Monday, September 12, 2011

Wanton Wives

At Lord and Lady Quinton's now annual summer house party, sexually neglected and frustrated wives finally find their fulfillment.

Of Love and Lust: Piers and Judith, Lord and Lady Lipscombe have been married for four years, but their beddings have never been more than quick, five-minute affairs intended to secure the line. After being too rough and randy on their wedding night, he's always been afraid of hurting her again, so he held himself back. She thought their marriage was normal, until she saw the lustful looks continually passed between the Quintons. Could there be something more?

One Lonely Night: The boisterous nighttime activity of Vivian Flynn's neighbors is keeping her awake--and in need. When she takes a step out onto her portico for a bit of night air, she's shocked when those very neighbors come out onto their portico and make love in front of her. When her husband, Lord Tucker Flynn, comes upon her surreptitiously touching herself while spying on the randy couple, everything changes within their once lackluster marriage.

A Perfect Pearl: Elaine Shelton, Lady Raynesford, has never been dissatisfied with the efforts of her husband, Owen, in bed. However, she's never been left in awe by them, either. He makes love the very same way he does everything in life--in exactly the same, predictable manner, each and every time. Encouraged by her new friends, Judith and Vivian, Elaine takes a bold step: she intends to seduce Owen into variety, no matter the consequences.

Leg-Shackled: Audrey Veazey thinks she's always been rather open-minded when it comes to beddings with her husband, Lodge, but watching the other young, married ladies at the Quintons' house party titter and talk leaves her blushing. The Earl of Holbrook, the blackguard, insinuates in no uncertain terms that she's a bit prudish. Could that be? One thing is for certain--she intends to find out if her husband agrees with Holbrook or not, and if he does, she's determined to change his mind.

Uninhibited: A child bride who hasn't seen her husband for ten years, Naomi Cunningham refuses to spend another day as the Countess of Holbrook, essentially locked away in her husband's Hampshire estate. She seeks him out at the Quintons' house party looking for one thing--an annulment. When Naomi arrives, Grey is livid. His ire only rises upon her preposterous request, not to mention his unfounded desire for the woman who was only a girl when last he saw her. But will she be satisfied with a divorce, or might something else satisfy her?

I started reading one of these stories on Saturday night after looking for a quick, spicy read. Over the course of the weekend I ended up reading the entire anthology! Such a fun collection of stories involving young marrieds at a summer house party. My favorite story is Of Love and Lust, but they're all fantastic!

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