Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wicked Lord

Book Three in the Wicked Affairs series. Helene Cosgrove’s only passion is her art, until she is betrothed to a respectable baron. Believing he will be the love of her life, she’s crushed when her father ends the engagement. Helene is approached by a second suitor, the wicked Lord Redding, Edward Chase. She is duty-bound to marry the scoundrel even though she despises him. Redding happily snatches his rival’s betrothed and finds himself married to a woman of outstanding talents, utter radiance and innocent sexuality. Her haughty and summary rejection of him only spurs his desire to have her, and prove he’s as worthy of her love as her former swain. And what better way than to tutor her in his bed? Helene is tempted by Redding in all the wrong ways. When he delivers her secret desires, she must reconcile her heart to the matter—deciding whether she loves Redding for who he is or for what he can do for her, in and out of the marriage bed.

Ellora's Cave puts out the best erotic historicals under their Legend line and Eliza Lloyd is one of my favorites in their roster of authors. I love her Wicked series as they focus on married couples discovering each other, weathering the storms in their relationships and growing stronger as they learn how to make each other happy. I loved the love/hate relationship Helene and Redding formed in Wicked Lord, ending up in a true Happily Ever After. I especially enjoyed the twist of what Helene's art revealed about the desires she tried so hard to keep from her husband. Scorchingly hot and decadent!!!

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