Thursday, September 8, 2011

Emmett and Gentry

The saga of Donovan Creed’s ancestors continues in Emmett & Gentry, the third book in the Emmett Love western adventure series.

Still in chains after serving twenty-eight months for a crime he didn’t commit, former gunslinger and sheriff, Emmett Love, heads to Dodge City to find Gentry, the love of his life. What he finds instead is a ghost town, ravaged by the Civil War, and ten town widows who are determined to make him forget about his sweetheart.

When a new Emmett and Gentry western is released, I just have to drop everything. And that's exactly what happened on Monday when I got an email from John Locke that the new story was up on Kindle, for only 99 cents! These stories are sometimes touching, sometimes hilarious, always fantastic!!! Even if you aren't a fan of westerns you can't go wrong when you read this series featuring the sheriff of Dodge City and his soul mate, ex-prostitute Gentry.

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