Friday, September 9, 2011

A Year with My Kindle

A year ago today my Kindle arrived. It was my birthday gift to myself, purchased simply because I needed to stop buying so many books as they were taking over my house!

Little did I know not only would I continue buying paperbacks, but a whole new world would be opened up to my with ebooks...and now I buy more and have more books to read than ever before!!!

In one year I have accumulated a little more than 1,000 ebooks...the majority of which are my beloved western historicals, but I also have purchased many other historical romances, mysteries (although my favorite cozy series I still buy paperbacks because I adore the covers!), paranormals, women's fiction, nonfiction...even books I'll probably never read buy downloaded them because they were free!!!

At this point I can't imagine life without my Kindle. How have ebooks affected your reading life?

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Dru said...

E-books are so easy to buy, that I have so many that I keep saying I'm going to read, but I know I won't.