Friday, September 23, 2011

Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs-Wild West Style

Over the weekend I attended the annual Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs event in Shelburne, Vermont. It's the first time I've gone (since I don't have a dog) but this year I read in the paper that the theme was the Wild West, so needless to say I had to go, and was in absolute heaven!!! The vendor booths were decorated western, and the dogs were asked to come in western attire for the costume parade. Nothing could be cuter than dogs prancing around dressed as cowboys, indians, prairie girls, lawmen! The cutest of all was a dachshund dressed as a cowboy pulling a mini covered wagon, followed by 3 other dachshunds dressed as a herd of buffalo!

In addition to the dog event, most of the buildings at the museum were open, and since I hadn't been since I was a child (and hadn't developed my love for all things 1800s yet), I took the opportunity to take in the rest of the remarkable museum. I have to say my favorite display was the authentic General Store and Apothecary Shoppe...I felt like I was walking into Oleson's Mercantile in Little House on the Prairie!!!

The telegraph office!!! (Email in the 19th century)

Also loved the blacksmith shop, with a recreator actually working on site...wagon wheels and horseshoes were everywhere!!!

And what did I spy on the deck of the Ticonderoga but a horse drawn buckboard, loaded with apples.
Needless to say I could've wandered the grounds forever (didn't even see the Carriage House with the stagecoaches!!!), and now I want to travel west and see more recreations of the late 1800s more than ever!!! Until that time comes, I'll definitely be making my way to the Shelburne Museum more often...I never realized such an historical gem was less than 20 minutes away!


Anonymous said...

Love it. Love it. Love it.

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