Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Gift of Shayla

Adam Lancaster has been in love with Rob McKeith—and attracted to Rob’s wife, Shayla—for years, but he fears their friendship would be over if they knew the truth. So he’s thrilled when his secret fantasy becomes reality and the couple offers him a very special gift: a sensual Christmas Eve in their bedroom…

This is a hard book for me to review because in general I am not a fan of contemporary romance. And as much as I love it when an erotic historical makes my Kindle start to sizzle, erotic contemps turn me off. To me there's just something much sexier about unlacing corsets than anything in the modern world. That being said, I downloaded this because I found the concept intriguing, it's a Christmas story (my 1st of the season!), and I've never gone wrong with a book from Carina Press. And I have to say I liked it. While the majority of the novella is the sexual encounter, there's a lot of heart there too. Rob and Shayla are a married couple very much in love, but it's easy to see each of them in love with Adam as well. My heart really ached for Adam, wanting this once in a lifetime experience but knowing his heart will be broken in the morning because it's Rob and Shayla that truly belong to each other and he will end up being left out. Good story.

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